In the 2024 racing season, Kyle is set to embark on a new chapter in his motorsport career.

After demonstrating remarkable development and skill behind the wheel of the OREX Competition vehicle, Kyle has now joined forces with Vinna Motorsport. This move aligns him with one of the most promising teams in the field as he competes in the Junior Saloon Car Championship (JSCC). With this partnership, Kyle aims to further improve his skill with the support and backing from Vinna Motorsport who successfully won the JSCC Rookie Championship in 2023 and were nominated best presented team.

2023: A Rising Star In The Junior Saloon Car Championship

In 2023, Kyle entered the JSCC Scholarship ran by the OREX Competition team. Kyle was one of the youngest competitors in the scholarship and came runner up to the winner, and as a result OREX Competition offered Kyle a three race deal to take part in the 2023 season once he reached the age of 14 in July 2023.

Kyle competed in three rounds in 2023, and demonstrated his talent and competitive skill. As a result, this led to Kyle being approached by Vinna Motorsport and offered a full season of racing for 2024.


2019-2022: Proven Excellence in Junior 1ltr Hot Rods

In 2019, Kyle stepped up to the Junior 1ltr Hot Rods, marking a new stage in his motorsport career. Over the next three years, he demonstrated himself with numerous race and championship wins, showcasing his exceptional skill and dedication. 

Kyle progressed and improved on multiple levels both on and off track during Junior Hot Rods, which taught him the basics of racing a car in comparison to karts. As a result of this personal development he left the Junior Hot Rods winning six out of the seven championships he competed in, and was voted junior driver of the year 2022.

2015-2019: The Early Years - A Journey From Ninja Karts

Kyle’s racing journey began at the age of 6 in Ninja Karts. These early years laid the foundations for his racing career and shaped him into the talented driver we see today. With determination and a competitive spirit, he honed his driving skills, learned the basic skills of racing, and set the stage for his future successes.

Ninja Karts, while designed for young racers, offers intense competition that is perfect for developing the skills necessary for a successful racing career. Kyle’s early experiences in Ninja Karts were vital, and the lessons he learned during these years have continued to guide him.


Where it all started...

Kyle first sat in a kart at the age of 4, and it was clear he had a talent from the beginning. From this early age of 4, he was not able to compete so started practice sessions at a local go karting track until reaching the age of 6 where he was then signed up to compete in Ninja Karts.